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About Lynn and NuVista Legacy 


Professionally, I am a trained life coach, licensed clinical social worker and psychology doctoral student who had been in the field for over 25 years.   I have worked with all ages over the years and have been honored to do so.   I also have a passion for women's issues and my desire is to support women especially when we feel like we are drowning.  


Personally, I am a sister, daughter and single mom to the love of my life.  After my little one was born, my need to make my mark on the world became stronger.  I wanted to learn more, help more and be better.  When he started asking questions, I was dismayed by not having many options in books that would help me to answer his questions.  When I did find books, I still yearned for him to have books where he looked like the characters and he could relate to the storylines.  Hence, my first book, "Mama's Here, Daddy's There" which talks about parents not being together anymore.   I wanted to create books that he can always look at and be proud.  More books soon followed and here we are.  I want to leave him a legacy, such as my books, that he inspired and, if he wants, he can continue long after I am gone.  I have a feeling that he will be in the helping profession when he is older as he has a heart of gold!

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